Public Interest Environmental Law UK invites you to our 13th Annual Conference to explore the theme “12 years to mitigate, legislate and litigate: How can environmental law adapt in time?” and discuss some of the most pressing issues in environmental law surrounding climate change.

The latest IPCC report gives us twelve years to correct the current trajectory we are on, or face an uncertain future with an increase in the intensity and quantity of weather events, and the large-scale loss of biodiversity, livelihoods, and habitability of entire regions and island-nations if we do not keep global warming to 1.5oC below pre-industrial levels.

The key is to reduce our carbon and greenhouse emissions to mitigate the drastic effects of climate change. Can we effectively employ our current legislative and litigious tools to achieve these goals, and if not – how can environmental law adapt in time?

With increasing active participation from involved stakeholders, from industry to NGOs, and a rise in public participation and environmental democracy, climate change is at the top of the agenda for governments across the planet – will this translate into meaningful change?

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