2021 Conference

2020 was a year for profound reflection having been unlike any other in living memory. Abrupt changes to everyday life and living as we know it that came with the spread of COVID-19 across the globe have rippled through every thread of the fabric of our society. The death of George Floyd and subsequent Black Lives Matter protests brought with them vital conversations about improving and enhancing equality of standing and opportunity internationally. The end of 2020 also saw the end of the Brexit transition period and the beginning of the UK’s new legal relationship with the European Union.

All these events have raised profound environmental questions, as well as social, political and economic ones. So after a tumultuous year for people and the planet, the PIEL committee are proud to present our 2021 conference — After the Storm: Environmental Law in 2021 and beyond

Join us and a diverse range of speakers on 13th – 14th April for a wide range of events and opportunities for conversation on these complex and vital issues.

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