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  • Where are the targets in the Environment Bill?
    Paul Wyard • Published 28 March 2021 Certainty is important in the legal profession. Principles have to be established and rules cemented for the law to hold integrity. Solicitors and barristers need to have a […]
  • Working from Home Post-COVID-19: The Environmental Case
    Zulqarnain Saddique • Published 12 March 2021 Covid-19 has changed the way we work whether that be for students or 9-5 office workers. The uptake of technology during these times has resulted out of necessity to maintain […]
  • Green Recovery After COVID-19
    Chatura Saravanan • Published 15 February 2021 Covid-19 has shone a spotlight onto our environmental crisis globally and arguably more so than any other single event. It is a disease that has wreaked havoc on […]