Jessica Allen, Co-Chair

I am currently pursuing the BPTC at City Law School, with a view to qualifying as a domestic and international environmental law practitioner. I completed the BCL at the University of Oxford in 2018, after graduating with honours in Law with French and French Law at the University of Nottingham in 2017. Following my move to London, I was keen to join the PIEL Committee because I wanted to further engage with, and continue to learn from, the forward-thinking environmental law community that we have in the UK. PIEL UK offers a unique occasion for like-minded students, academics, and professionals to come together to dissect, discuss and debate some of the most pertinent issues affecting our environment.

Phyllida Spackman, Co-Chair

After attending a fantastic PIEL conference last year, I was inspired to join this year’s committee to further my interest in environmental law. PIEL presents a unique opportunity for students to have total autonomy in organising a conference using their own themes, ideas and initiative. I am currently a BPTC student at Cardiff University, with keen ambitions to practice environmental law at the bar. The PIEL conference has allowed me to connect with colleagues who share these same ambitions and to build upon my knowledge of environmental law. My interest in this area of law stems from recognition of the critical role that the law can play in forcing action on climate change, and I hope to play any part that I can.

Sophie Tremlin, Secretary

I am a current LLM Environmental Law and Policy student at UCL. I joined the PIEL 2019 Committee to help spread awareness on the importance of the UK’s future environmental architecture. Events like this are so important and particularly exciting (frightening) in light of this year’s political climate.

James Harrison, Treasurer and Action4Justice Liaison

I joined the PIEL committee following my attendance of the 2018 Conference and how useful I found that event as someone who had only recently realised the importance of environmental law in stopping climate breakdown and was eager to learn more. I relished the opportunity to continue learning about environmental law from my fellow committee members and from the academics and professionals we engage with. I hope that we are able to create a conference that will inspire others to actively engage with environmental justice.

Marie Desaules, Treasurer and Action4Justice Liaison

I am currently studying a Master in international law at SOAS University of London. Environmental issues have always interested me: I have written my undergrad thesis about the influence of the civil society on environmental law and carried in focusing on this area of law for my postgraduate degree. I joined PIEL Committee because I wanted to get involved with an environmental organization that aims to raise awareness at the importance of environmental law issues and to be able to learn more in an interdisciplinary setting, which I think is key in addressing issues affecting the environment.

Eléonore Lauret, Sponsorship Co-ordinator

Currently enrolled in a master’s degree in Human Rights Law (MA) at SOAS, I graduated in Political Science from the Catholic University of Lille in 2018. I joined the 2019 PIEL Committee eager to share my interest for environmental law. This conference is an incredible way of spreading the importance of environmental law, especially in today’s society and regarding current events. I am thrilled to be part of such a great project.

Amelia Kelly, Speaker Co-ordinator

I was keen to join PIEL to get more involved with public interest environmental law and justice. I’m currently studying an LL.M specialising in International Law at SOAS, where I also completed my undergraduate degree in Law and Chinese. During this year I have mostly been focusing on how best to reconcile openness to foreign direct investment with protection of the environment. Consequently my key objective in this committee is to promote, especially in the event of Brexit, the necessary mitigation, litigation and legislation to circumvent climate breakdown and realise a more sustainable and just strategy for development at home and abroad.

Lucia Saborio Perez, Marketing Strategist

I am currently studying Politics, Philosophy and Law (LLB) at King’s College London, with a view of pursuing a career in environmental law and policy. 
After helping organise a conference on Energy Law last year, and undertaking a research fellowship in Climate Finance Law at King’s, I approach opportunities to learn from and contribute to the field of environmental law with increasing optimism (and urgency). 
I joined the PIEL committee after attending last year’s conference, and thoroughly enjoying it. l look forward to this new learning opportunity and hope we engage you, our audience, on some of the most interesting and important issues in environmental law today -regardless of your legal background.

Cecilia Cola, Communications Co-ordinator

I am currently studying an LLM in Environmental Law at Queen Mary University of London. I joined PIEL Committee because I believe is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the current environmental issues that are taking place. I also think is an excellent opportunity to meet and learn from other students, academics and professionals who are committed in environmental justice.

Poppy Kettle, Logistics Co-ordinator

I am studying an MA in environmental law and sustainability at SOAS, University of London. I became involved in PIEL as it gives me a chance to meet colleagues who share the same legal focus as I do and also provides me with the opportunity to be a part of a conference that speaks to current environmental issues. I am hopeful and excited for the way that this event may inspire others to pursue an interest in climate issues and environmental law.