Ethics and Sustainability Policy

A number of key principles underpin PIELUK contributing to our vision of what a student-run organisation focussed on public interest environmental law should be:

  • We seek to integrate ethical and sustainable thinking into all activities concerned in the planning and staging of the PIEL conference event, consistent with the values embodied in the PIEL constitution
  • We want to stage a conference event which achieves the best possible results in terms of contributing to a sustainable environment, ethics and diversity (SEED)
  • To do so we endeavour to make SEED an inclusive, ongoing process, to which all committee members are integral. The policy is open to development by all members and by its implementation we aim to increase awareness of SEED issues
  • We wish to achieve these ends via an interactive and non-judgemental process where team members and conference attendees alike can build upon and improve existing policy and outcomes, with a goal of mutual encouragement
  • This must be a transparent process, both within the PIEL Committee and outside it. The SEED Policy will be made publicly available here on the PIELUK website

Naturally, there are a number of constraints upon this:

  • Time – each committee only has a few months to draft and implement the policy
  • Resources – given our size and financial resources we do not always have discretion over choice of supplier or access to proper facilities given our reliance upon the kindness of our benefactors
  • Information – it is not always entirely clear which options will prove to be ‘better’
  • Conflicts – sometimes the best environmental option may present ethical challenges, or vice-versa

We seek to deliver our strategy in the following way:

  • By ensuring that the SEED strategy has been developed and is overseen in accordance with the action plan
  • Every member of our committee is responsible for considering SEED issues during planning meetings, when carrying out their respective tasks and at the conference, in accordance with the action plan
  • We rely upon the feedback that we receive from delegates and attendees of our conferences to ensure that our SEED strategy evolves


We would be extremely grateful if you have any suggestion on how we might improve our sustainable environment, ethics and diversity policy. Please visit our Contact Us page for guidance on how to communicate this to us, or alternatively if you have any questions regarding our policy.