Alternative Forms of Environmental Governance


Maria Adebowale – Director of Capacity Global, NGO
Andri Akbar – LLM Environmental Law and Policy candidate, University of Kent
Rhuks Ako – Phd candidate, University of Kent
Andrew Blaza – Senior research fellow in Business and Envirnoment, Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London
Chris Clarke – Envoronmental Policy Consultant and UCL lecturer
Dr Nicole Dando – Project Manager at the Institute of Business Ethics
Deborah Doane – Chair of the Corporate Responsibility (CORE) Coalition
Tim Edwards – International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal
Tina Gleeson – Environmental Justice Students at Queen Margaret University, Scotland
Samantha Heath – Director of LSx, London Sustainability Exchange
Sean Humber – Partner at Leigh, Day and Co. Solicitors
Tony Juniper – Execeutive Director, Friends of the Earth, England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Ian Mason – Environment and Property Law Barrister at Arden Chambers
Grace Morrison – ‘Phase 2′ Public Health Campaigner, Scotland
Professor Peter Muchlinski – Professor in International Commercial Law, SOAS
Arianna Patterson – Environmental Justice Students at Queen Margaret University, Scotland
Peter Roderick – Co-Director of Climate Justice Programme
Paul Watchman – Partner at LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & McRae LLP
David Wolfe – Barrister at Matrix Chambers, London


Andri Akbar – LLM, University of Kent
Sandra Berman – LLM, University of Kent
Gen-Nam Chow – LLM, University of London
Tina Gleeson – Environmental Justice, Queen Margaret University, Scotland
Andrew Judge, Cllr – LLM, University of London
James Kunz – LLM, University of London
John McGahern Jr – LLM, University of London
Carine Nadal – LLM, University of London
Marte Okkelmo – LLM, University of London
Arianna Patterson – Environmental Justice, Queen Margaret University, Scotland
Nicola Vincett – LLM, University of London
Ned Westaway – LLM, University of London

Advisory Board

Maria Adebowale, Director of Capacity Global
Dr. Jane Holder, Reader in Law, University College, London
Donald McGillivray, Lecturer at University of Kent
Phil Michaels, Legal Advisor, Friends of the Earth
Carolyn Stephens, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

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