2012 Conference

Alternative Forms of Environmental Governance

Our 2012 conference addressed the alternative forms of environmental governance. With existing governance systems struggling to address climate and social justice, this was an extremely relevant and necessary debate. Approaches at the UK, EU and global level were explored and focus was additionally placed on the future and with innovative approaches being discussed.

Conference Summary

After a welcome talk from Richard Macrory QC, Professor of Environmental Law at UCL, the first morning session started with Ole Pedersen, Senior Lecturer in Law at Newcastle Law School, discussing the UK Bill of Environmental Rights.

Following a coffee break Emma Dixon barrister at Blackstone Chambers talked about an Environmental Rights Commission for the UK.  This talk was followed by the intervention of Nicolas De Sadeleer, Professor of Environmental Law, and Jean Monnet, Chair at Université Catholique de Louvain, exploring the topic of a ‘Reinforced Economic Union: Are we at a Turning Point?’.

After lunch, two workshops ran simultaneously offering opportunity for specialisation: Melanie Strickland, Wild Law UK/Occupy London, explored the need to shift values by exploring Wild Law, and Carine Nadal, Gaia Foundation, looked at the ways in which some indigenous communities govern themselves through Community Ecological Governance, based on Earth Jurisprudence.

The two workshops were followed by a talk by Paul Horsman from TckTckTck/Greenpeace entitled ‘The global climate treaty? Political leadership vacuum Durban, pre-Rio’. Then Polly Higgins, barrister, author and creator of new laws to protect the earth, discussed Earth Jurisprudence and Wild Law.

The final component of the 2012 conference was a panel discussion entitled the ‘Benefits and Drawbacks of an International Court for the Environment’, chaired by Stephen Hockman QC, Six Pump Court.

To end the day there was opportunity for further discussion at a drinks reception for speakers and attendees.

Our Committee

The 2012 Conference was organised and run by the following individuals:

Sophie Graham
Alessia Miranti
Josh Roberts
Virginie Rouas
Nisha Sehn
Elisa Estrada
Allison Lindner
Kimberley Lobry
Ana Ruiz
Brittany Kaiser
Sebastien Korwin-Wroblewski
Marcus Goffe
Marlène Charron-Geadah
Charles Poncelet

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