About PIEL

Public Interest Environmental Law (PIEL) UK was formed in 2007 by students from various University of London colleges as an unincorporated association and now brings together students from universities across the United Kingdom. Its cause is to champion and raise awareness of environmental justice issues by organising the annual PIEL UK Conference, hosted in London. The inspiration for running a conference on environmental justice comes from the cutting-edge event of the same name that has been running since 1983 in Oregon, USA and attracts thousands of delegates annually.

The PIEL UK Conference provides an accessible forum for discussion, deliberation and debate. This allows a diverse range of practitioners, academics and members of the public to engage with problems relating to the environment and to encourage solutions. By increasing public awareness of the role that law can play, the Conference aims to foster environmental justice in the UK and further afield.

Being completely student-led, PIEL UK strives to achieve a balance between those who are affected by, and those who practise in the laws that can promote environmental justice. Furthermore, PIEL UK strives to stage a conference that achieves the best possible results in accordance with sustainable and ethical principles, as embodied in the PIEL UK Constitution.

PIEL UK tries to deliver the most ethical and sustainable conference we can. To do so we have a specific Ethics and Sustainability Policy, available here.