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Richard Macrory

Professor Richard Macrory is one of the leading experts in the field of environmental law. He teaches environmental law at University College London and has published on the topic widely. In 2005 Professor Macrory was appointed by the Cabinet Office to lead a review on regulatory sanctions applicable to business generally. The final report, Regulatory Justice – Making Sanctions Effective was published at the end of 2006 and all the recommendations accepted by Government. His core recommendations on civil sanctions and regulatory governance are reflected in Part III Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act 2008.
Professor Macrory is a barrister and a member of Brick Court Chambers, London. In 2000 he was awarded a CBE for services to the environment and law, and in March 2008 he was made honorary Queens Counsel. In 2010 he was elected a Bencher of Gray’s Inn.

Carolyn Stephens

Carolyn Stephens is Full Professor of Ecology and Global Health at the National University of Tucumán (UNT) in Argentina, and Honorary Full Professor of the UCL Institute of Health Equity.

She is a Fellow (by distinction) of the Faculty of Public Health Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians and an International Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. In 2012 she became the Executive Director of the Amazonia-Yungas Observatory for Biodiversity, Indigenous Health and Equity. In 2007 Carolyn won the Royal Society Kohn Award for excellence in science communication, and the London Education Partnership Award for individual academic excellence, for the LSHTM’s science engagement work.

Carolyn is an advisor to the UNESCO Committee on Problems of the Environment and an advisor to the SWIFT banking network-led initiative on Banks for Better World. She is an international advisor to a local Argentinean NGO working on forests, ecology and sustainable development, the Fundación de Ecología, Forestación y Medio-Ambiente, FUNDEFMA. As an interdisciplinary scientist she has advised many of the international UN agencies, including WHO, UNEP, UNDP, UNICEF, UNHabitat, and UNESCO. She is currently working with UNICEF Argentina and UNICEF India on Indigenous Health and Rights and is leading an evaluation of UNICEF’s indigenous health initiatives in the Valles Calchaquies.

Carolyn holds a degree in English Literature from Cambridge University, an MSc (Health Policy and Planning) (LSHTM/LSE) and a Ph.D in Environmental Epidemiology (University of London).

Jane Holder

Jane Holder is Professor in Environmental Law at UCL. She holds a PhD from the Warwick University on Environmental Assessment and is the author of the book Environmental Assessment: the Regulation of Decision Making (OUP, 2004). Her current research interests are the regulation of decision making concerning land use and development, EU environmental law, the environmental protection aspects of common ownership, ‘green’ legal theory, environmental justice and issues of environmental identity, environmental justice and education for sustainable development. 

Jane is a member of the Board of the Journal of Environmental Law and Social and Legal Studies and has been a Trustee of the Environmental Law Foundation (ELF). She is involved in the Education for Sustainable Development movement at UCL and is a member of the University’s Steering Group on Environmental Sustainability. Jane is a member of the Centre for Law and the Environment, Co-Chair of the Sustainable Cities Executive Board, a Public Engagement Beacon Mentor and a member of the Higher Education Academy’s Advisory Board on Education for Sustainable Development.

Vicki Elcoate

Vicki Elcoate is the executive director of UKELA and has 16 years experience working for environmental organisations.

She previously worked as the director for the Campaign for National Parks, launching major initiatives like the Mosaic project (now a Natural England and Lottery flagship project for ethnic minority participation in the countryside) and continuing with the successful campaign for a South Downs National Park.

Vicki holds a degree in English Literature from Sussex University and a diploma in Advanced Environmental Practice from Farnborough College of Technology.

Donald McGillivray

Donald McGillivray is Professor of Environmental Law at the University of Sussex. He was previously Professor of Law at the Kent Law School and has over 20 years experience teaching and researching environmental law.

He is an active member of the United Kingdom Environmental Law Association (UKELA) with a particular interest in building its support for students.

Ned Westaway

Ned Westaway is a tenant at Francis Taylor Building and a founding member of the PIEL UK Committee.

He has considerable expertise and experience in environmental law and is rated as one of the top 4 juniors under the age of 35 by Planning Magazine 2011. Ned’s practice is a combination of public law (including environmental, planning and local government) and property law (including covenants, village greens and rights of way). He regularly talks and writes on environmental law.

Ned has an LLM (environmental laws) from UCL, where he is a visiting researcher. He is the winner of the UKELA Lord Slynn of Hadley senior mooting competition (2009 and 2010), on both occasions before Carnwath LJ. He was also the recipient of the Lord Denning Scholarship, Lincoln’s Inn (2008). In 2014 he was elected as a trustee on the Council of UKELA.

Jake White

Jake qualified as a lawyer at regional firm where he specialised in intellectual property litigation. He subsequently moved into government where he advised on a wide range of issues ranging from regional development, consumer credit to outer space. He joined DECC in 2008 where he advised on nuclear energy and energy efficiency (Green Deal) and participated in EU and international negotiations. Jake was delighted to join FoE in 2012 where he advises mainly on UK climate and energy issues, particularly fracking.

David Wei

David Wei is an international environmental lawyer who acts as ID’s UN Representative. His work focuses on international negotiations on climate change and natural resources.

David was previously a staff lawyer at the Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development (FIELD), specialising in climate change advocacy and capacity-building, governance of transnational corporations and biosafety. He has worked as a litigator at large law firms in New York and Toronto and as a lecturer at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai. David helped to establish the Toronto office of Human Rights Watch (HRW), after completing an internship with HRW’s International Justice Program in New York.

Carine Nadal

Carine is the Jurisprudence Co-ordinator for the Gaia Foundation. She provides legal research and advocacy support for communities, particularly in Africa, working towards the revival, practice and legal recognition of their customary laws based on Earth Jurisprudence/ Earth Law principles. She also develops the online Earth Jurisprudence Learning Centre and offers talks and workshops. 

Carine holds a degree, Masters and UN Diploma in Environmental Law. She has provided research support to the Environmental Law Foundation, United Nations Institute for Training and Research and IUCN. Carine is a member of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature, and Wild Law UK.

Maria Adebowale

Maria Adebowale is the Founding Director of Living Space Project (formerly Capacity Global). She specialises in urban place and green space shaping, community participation, project advice, research and policy development.

Maria is also a former Commissioner on the UK Sustainable Development Commission and on the English Heritage Commission. She is currently involved as an advisor, patron or trustee of a number of environment and place shaping organisations.

Maria holds a Masters in environmental law, has appeared in the Top 100 environment list and was presented with a Mayor of London, London Leaders Award.

James Kunz

James Kunz is a legal writer for ENDS Compliance, an online tool that helps professionals to identify and understand relevant environmental laws and prepare a legal register.

He holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of East Anglia and an LLM in Environmental Law and Policy from UCL. He is one of the founding members of PIEL UK.

Emma Montlake

Emma Montlake is Legal & Policy Officer at Environmental Law Foundation (ELF).

Emma Lui

Emma Lui is a Policy Advisor at the Office for Nuclear Regulation. She was called to the Bar in 2015, and obtained her LLM in Environmental and Public Law with Distinction from UCL in 2014. She is a previous committee member and has been involved with PIEL UK  since 2013.

Gen-Nam Chow

Gen-Nam Chow is a previous committee member.

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