Satisfying Consumption: Trade and the Environment

PIEL_logo2015_white-page-001Worldwide, consumption is on the rise, fuelled by the growth of the middle class in emerging economies. With its twin threats of massive waste and unsustainable production, the voracious demand for goods is having a significant impact on the environment. Overconsumption has increased waste without eradicating food poverty and increasingly, resources are scarce and production unsustainable. Trading now extends to trade-offs for environmental damage. In Europe and America, governments are negotiating a new trading regime – TTIP – which promises to rewrite the regulatory framework of two continents. The very relationship between global corporations and domestic courts is liable to change. As trade comes to shape the global future, it is time to ask: in the 21st century can consumption be met in a way that is environmentally , socially, and economically responsible?

Join us at the 9th Annual PIEL Conference for an engaging day of panels, distinguished speakers and networking opportunities organised by a Committee of environmental law students from London universities.

Date: Thursday, 9th April 2015

Location: Cass Business School, London

Tickets available soon.

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